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The faculty was established in 2014 by the ministerial decision number 415.and at the faculty started in 2015-2016

The Vision

The faculty aspires to be a distinguished and scientific institution in the legal learning, training fields , legal and judiciary studies and researches fields

The mission

The faculty aspires to prepare human resources qualified technically and professionally in the different fields of law, arbitrary and legal practice The faculty also aims at mitigating the burdens of judiciary job, it also works on the development of study systems and legal research to be at the level of the state- of- the- art systems, promote the level of bachelor and post graduate studies and present the advisory services and legal training and experiences which meets the needs of the state in the social and economic development

Address : Egypt – Sohag Governorate – Nasser City – Sohag  University-faculty of Law

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الموقع تصميم وتطوير فريق البوابة الألكترونية
م /طه احمد الهلالي