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الرئيسية » Admission system

Admission system

  • 1-The faculty accepts the secondary schools student according to the rules of the  laws  and Tanseek office  acceptance
  • 2- the faculty council determines the accepted numbers of students according to the suggestion of students affairs committee and the university council acceptance

3-the coming secondary school student may be accepted according to the rules which the supreme council of universities determines

Studying duration, academic semesters and the academic burden

1-the studying duration of getting the bachelor is four academic years divided into two semesters a year , the curricula and their hours are distributed according to the determined credit hours for every subject

  • The academic year- is divided into two semesters every semester is 16 weeks and exams included, but registration period is not part of this duration, the faculty may also organize a summer course according to available materialistic and human capabilities and must not be less than 8 weeks
  • Academic burden: every semester includes 16 credit hours to credit 22hours
  • The minimum registered credit hours is 12 hours

The maximum registered credit hours is 22 credit hours

The used language in teaching is Arabic language and the faculty council may, after the university approval, decide teaching some curricula in English  orin French

Regarding the post graduate studies  a t least a part of curriculum should be taught in English or French

Graduation requirements1-       To graduate and get bachelor the student must pass 135 credit  hours,123 hours of these hours are obligatory and 12 is not2-       The GPA( grade point average) must not be less than 1.5.of 4 to get the law bachelor