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Student affairs office warns the student if he didn’t get 1.5 out of 5 at the end of any semester except the first semester of the first year he will be warned for the second time then after the third warning ,he may be dismissed.

Dismiss from the faculty

The student is dismissed from the faculty  according to the following conditions:

  1. If he withdraw from all the subjects at the first semester of the first year
  2. If he failed in any subject for two times successively
  3. If he failed in three subjects
  4. If he didn’t get the minimum range of 1.5.out of 5
  5. If he exceeded the maximum academic semesters or exceed  the allowed deferring period
  6. If he break the laws or commit any law breaking according to the used regulations and laws
  7. The student who is dismissed  can’t be registered  unless the dismiss reason due to his very low GPA, in this case The faculty allows him to study not more than 9 credit hours to raise his grade


The student who dropped out or withdraw can ask for a reacceptance and if he fulfilled the requirements or the conditions, he will be reaccepted and will keep his academic register and completes his study according to the accredited plan, on a condition that his dropout doesn’t exceed at most four years and his grade not less than 1.5 out of 4.


  • If the student absence reached 25% without acceptable justification, the student can’t be allowed to attend exams and marked as  prohibited and he can withdraw from the subject  if the withdrawal period still available.
  • If the student absence reached 25% and he has an acceptable justification, he is considered withdrawn.