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الرئيسية » Youth Care Department Achievements

Youth Care Department Achievements

Student activities carried out in the academic year 2016/2017

1- Participate in the sport tournament which youth care office

2- The faculty’s team got the second position in ping pong competition

3- Hold the ideal student competition

4- The camp of scout training

5- Computer course from 27/2/2017 till 13/3/2017 in faculty of agriculture’s laboratory

6-partcipate in computer course in computer laboratory from 29/2/107 till 30 /3/2017

7-the faculty won  at the competition of the ideal leader in the new campus

8-partcipate in volley ball tournament at the hostels of the female students

9-the faculty got the third position in the sport tournament

10-partcipate in the university female student training camp in SharmAlshiehk

11-partcipate in cookies and bakery tournament

12-partcipate in orphan day ceremony

13-partctipate in the ideal mother competition in the great hall of conferences

14- visit the tourist places

15- parctipate in the political development course which youth care office organized in the new campus

16-hold self-seminar about the role of society in fighting spinsterhood phenomena

17- Short trip to Luxor

18-partcipate in innovation festival at the level of the universities

Regarding the student groups, five groups were formed, which are:

Spirit of law group                  Dr/ Adel Mahmoud Khalafy       The leader of the group

Hayah group                              Dr/ Omar Atya                                 The leader of the group

Royea group (vision)              Dr/ Mamdouh Refaay                   The leader of the group

Fekra (idea) group                   Dr/ Mamdouh Refaay                   The leader of the group

Future councilors group         Dr/ Omar Atya                                The leader of the group