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Student Activities

Student activities department

Youth care activities

1- Sport activity

  • Hold sport tournaments in football ,basketball ,Ping-Pong
  • Choose the teams which represent the faculty to compete at the level of the republic

2- The activity of scout and general service

  • Holds the camps of the scout and general service

3- The social activity and trips

  • Organize -trips for the students
  • Make scientific, social and research competitions
  • Make the ideal male and female students’ competition

4- Artistic competition

  • Hold artistic competitions in music-coral playing music

5-the cultural and scientific activities

  • Hold cultural seminars and competitions

6- Group activities

  • Group activities consisted of different students from different stages, the leader of the group is one of the staff members

How to participate in the activities:

  • Following up the announcements which youth care office announces either at the faculty of at the university
  • Fill the participation application in the student activities in which the student is distinguished

The procedures of forming a student family or group:

The group file which is presented to youth care office includes:

  • The name of the group, must be in Arabic and has a clear meaning, the student groups must not be established according to political or religious belief
  • The names and data of the members of the group must be complete and accredited by youth care office
  • The approval of one of the staff members(or lecturer-professor-assistant professor to be the leader of the group
  • The approval of one of the staff members to be the decision maker of the group
  •  A temporary board of directors till running the elections
  • The regulation of the basic activity of the group
  •  The plan of the group activity attached by assessment application for every project