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Scientific Outputs

Scientific outputs

When the student finished his study, he will be able to do the following

1- Know very well the concepts and the basic rules of the comparative Egyptian law

2- Link the new laws with jurisprudential and legislative attitudes of the Latin, Arab and Anglo American schools

3- Compare between the different  jurisprudential , legislative and jurisprudence solutions

4- Apply the lawful rules correctly on the real cases

5- Analyze the materialistic facts, lawful behaviors and the different cases

6- Explains and evaluate the lawful texts according to the concepts, principles, values of the lawful systems

7- Achieve a creative innovative research according to the curricula of the known law research

8- Master the use of the different knowledge sources in both Arabic and English

9-Write and formulate the agreements, contracts ,regulations, memorandum and judicial decisions

10-Master the use of information techniques in the lawful and jurisprudence works

11-Knows very well how to display his thoughts, explains the cases and present pleading

12-Work in a team work smoothly

13-Speak in front of the audience confidently and fluently