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الرئيسية » Dismiss from the faculty

Dismiss from the faculty

  • The student is dismissed from the faculty  according to the following conditions
  • 1- if he withdraw from all the subjects at the first semester of the first year
  • 1- if he failed in any subject for two times successively
  • If he failed in three subjects
  • 5-if he didn’t get the minimum range of 1.5.out of 5
  • 6-If he exceeded the maximum academic semesters or exceed  the allowed deferring period
  • 7-If he break the laws or commit any law breaking according to the used regulations and la

-8the student who is dismissed  can’t be registered  unless the dismiss reason due to his very low GPA, in this case the faculty allows him to study not more than 9 credit hours to raise his grade